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Epoxy Floor

Using Epoxy Floor In Industrial And Commercial Buildings

Due to its properties, epoxy flooring has been widely used especially in industrial and commercial buildings, and lately in households.

It is characterized by high chemical resistance, is easy to maintain and has excellent mechanical properties .There are more varieties of such floors that are characterized by harmony, resistance and proper decoration. Epoxy decorative flooring can be worked in all RAL colors, in the appropriate design and shapes. It is made in thickness up to 1 mm.

This type of  Epoxy floor, is resistant to all mechanical loads. Creative freedom in the creation of patterns is present. It is resistant  to chemicals, it is not subject to rapid combustion. For the construction of such a floor, it is necessary to make a good quality concrete floor beforehand. For decoration, the floor uses RAL colors, both basic colors and new ones, with a combination of existing ones .So the intensity and color pattern is very important in this type of flooring and contributes to a strong visual impression. After the hydro-insulated and flat concrete substrate is made, the epoxy coating is applied. This type of floor is easy to maintain and is used for less mechanical loads. For the production of epoxy coating, a polished substrate is required . It is applied in a thin layer followed by a final part.  It is suitable where the presence of large industrial machines and tools is not implied. Its application is in technical rooms in the industry, as well as increasingly in public buildings such as restaurants, cafes and retail outlets. These coatings are usually up to 1 mm thick.

Epoxy Floor

Epoxy self-priming is a type of floor that is also made on well-polished and waterproofed concrete surfaces. .It is resistant to high mechanical loads and high frequency. They are used in spaces that imply heavy wear due to use.  Mostly in the part of the industry that involves the use of forklifts and pallets. It is poured on a well-made surface and the floor has no elastic characteristics. Its application in the industry involves excellent hygiene, so it is particularly suitable in the part of the industry related to the production and preservation of food.  It is 2 to 3 mm thick.And this type of flooring involves the use of different colors that can be created at the request of the client.

Epoxy anti-slip floor is a type of floor with low slippage and it is extremely rugged floor in comparison with other epoxy floors. Suitable for those parts of the industry that involve the spillage of a particular type of fluid and where extreme stability is required when moving and walking. This  substrate is made by spreading quartz sand on a coating or self-casting. This gives a rugged surface that prevents slipping while walking. The  thickness of the coating is up to 1 mm and self-adhesive up to 3 mm. It is used at higher mechanical loads or loads at certain points .

Epoxy Floor   has been increasingly used lately in households for easy maintenance.